Meet Junnelie Rodriguez: Account Manager

Here at Entourage Management Group, we value our employees above all else. That’s why this month, we’ve decided to sit down with Junnelie Rodriguez, an account manager on our team, about life, business, and success.

Junnelie Rodriguez was born in Puerto Rico. Growing up, she split time between Puerto Rico and Miami, remembering both as influential hometowns. “As a kid my parents called me Angelica like the Rugrat,” says Rodriguez, “I was a bit naughty, but I was also very studious.” Alongside her studies, Rodriguez spent her younger years in the world of music. “I played violin, piano, and danced ballet,” says Rodriguez, “it made me very disciplined and taught me to take pride in what I do.”

Rodriguez started her career with Entourage on September 2nd, 2017, and immediately remembers her first day on the job. “The growth potential in this company was immediately for me,” says Rodriguez, “the entrepreneurship, working hard when no one is watching, and having my work speak for itself.”

As for the company culture, that is what keeps the account manager coming back each day. “The culture breeds self-development,” says Rodriguez, “the amount of hard work each person puts in is the amount of success they see.”

Rodriguez knew she would end up in this industry, but never saw this position as a reality for her. “I never knew how to take control of every situation,” says Rodriguez, “now even in my day to day outside of work I am in control. This business has made me solution oriented. Instead of looking for problems, I look for solutions.”

Junnelie Rodriguez’s goals for the future are simple and clear. “I want to continue to self-develop and grow, while allowing others to find the same opportunities as me.”

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